• The staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable – they’ll answer any question you might have, as well as order anything they don’t have in stock.

    Toni (Yelp Reviews)
  • Games and puzzle heaven! It was such a large store, with a huge variety of games – words, cooperative, strategy, trivia, games for young ones – you name it!

    Pearl (Yelp Reviews)
  • We love Diversions...The people that work there are very passionate and knowledgeable about all kinds of games. Their enthusiasm rubs off on you really quick.

    Pia (Yelp Reviews)
  • They have several large tables and chairs for you to spread out with your friends and play one of their awesome games. Definitely stop by if you’re in the area!

    Pearl (Yelp Reviews)
  • Diversions is great. It has a nice, well-organized variety of toys, puzzles, and games for the casual gamer, social gamer, strategy gamer, your kids, etc.

    Bill (Yelp Reviews)
  • The store is everything a game store should be, the selection is very good, across all age ranges and genres.

    Toni (Yelp Reviews)
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