When I was growing up, February’s school vacation week meant one of two things: 1) skiing or 2) complaining about how bored we were. For those who aren’t a fan of the outdoors in wintertime, or maybe as an après-ski activity, here are 4 truly fun family games that will get you unbored, each under $25. Don’t just google ‘board game store near me’, come on down!
Sushi Go Party!

You don’t have to like sushi to get a kick out of this drafting/set collection game. Each player chooses a card from their hand, plays it on the table, and passes their hand to the person next to them, and will then receive a new hand from the player on their other side. Select a new card, pass, and so on, until all the cards are gone. Then, you earn points based on the cards you selected and the sets you made. Four green tea ice creams will earn you 12 points! Two tofu? Six points. (Three tofu? ZERO POINTS. Better be careful!). Sushi Go Party! plays 8 people in about 20-30 minutes, and offers lots of card options for replayability.

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This game is ridiculously easy – roll ten dice, be the first to end with each die on the same number, and you win! Who would have guessed something so simple could be so addictively fun? The core game comes with enough dice for 4 players, but add on more sets to increase player count. Already a fan of Tenzi? Grab 77 Ways to Play Tenzi for 77 fresh new takes on this fast-paced race game.

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Escape Room Games

For pre-teens and teens, the challenge of an escape room game like Exit or Unlock! is just the thing to keep them occupied for an hour or two. These games mimic an escape room as they are timed and comprised of logic, observation, and problem-solving puzzles that must be completed in a specific order to win. While both games can only be played one, Exit is consumable – you have to tear up cards, write on components, etc and therefore is truly one-time only. Unlock! is played with a phone app and can be reassembled and passed along if you choose. Both games are under $15 and excellent for an afternoon of fun!

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If you’ve been into Diversions in the last 6 years, you’ve probably seen, played, or heard Suspend. From Melissa & Doug, this has been our #1-selling game for six years. Each player starts with a set of 6 wires; your goal is to balance all of your wires and get rid of them before anyone else. On your turn, roll a die to determine which color wire you’re going to place. If you don’t have that color, you have to take it from someone else. Anything that falls on your turn goes back into your pile. That’s it! You can play this with almost any age range, it takes 1 minute to learn, it’s insanely fun, and it’s under $20.

These are just a few great options! Stop in to our stores in Portsmouth, NH and South Portland, ME for other ideas and recommendations, or to try out some new games from our demo libraries! Don’t just google ‘board game store near me’, come on down! Happy School Vacation! Contact us today!