Start your holiday shopping early, prep the kids for what’s sure to be a crazy year, or just treat yourself! We have two amazing promotions going on right now, with tons of games at great prices!

Back to School 

We know there is a lot of uncertainty this school year, and many kids are learning remotely at least some of their school weeks. It’s hard to keep children engaged with learning through a screen, so if you want to give them a break from those Zoom calls and promote learning through fun and interaction, try a board game!

Board games offer tons of educational benefits by teaching and reinforcing skills such as cooperation, deductive reasoning, color identification, counting and number sequencing, hand-eye coordination, memory, probability, strategic thinking, and more! Games can help coach and strengthen skills in spelling, math, reading and other area, at all ages.

Now through the end of September, we’re offering 15% off select educational games at both in-store locations (discount does not apply online). Visit our stores or call for more information about what games are on sale, and how they can help your children or students grow!

*Valid Sept 1 to Sept 30, 2020. Applies to in-stock items. Available in-store and curbside only. Cannot be combined with other offers.*


Buy Two Games, Get 1 FREE

Hobby board games aren’t always easy to jump right into playing – the learning curve can be high, and the concepts are sometimes tough to understand at first.  For someone newer to the hobby,  or looking for a “lighter” (read: less complex) game, there is a pool of games from which we tend to recommend, which we call Gateway Games.

Gateway Games are usually much easier to understand, with shorter rulebooks and clearer game play mechanics. Sometimes you can start playing these games within minutes, and they have become much more mainstream.

If you’re looking to get into the hobby, expand your collection, or perhaps you’re starting holiday shopping early, this is an amazing deal. Now through October 18, buy any two games from the list below and get the third game FREE. 

Eligible titles: 7 Wonders, Arkham Horror 3rd Ed., Carcassonne, Catan, Cosmic Encounter, Dead of Winter, Dixit, Mille Bornes, Mysterium, Pandemic, Rory’s Story Cubes, Small World, Splendor, Spot It!, and Ticket to Ride.

*Valid Sept 21 to Oct 18, 2020. Applies to in-stock items or items that can be ordered within the promotional window. Available in-store , curbside, and online, while supplies last. Cannot be combined with other offers. Discount taken on lowest priced item and does NOT include expansions or variations of the listed games. Base games only, as listed.*