Announcing our 2nd annual Diversions Game Day on Saturday, September 3rd! This year’s event features:

All day gaming from noon to midnight:
We’ll have room for over 50 people to play all day! Bring your games from home to share or grab any of our demos and have fun. There will be designated spaces for your game bags and fans to keep you comfortable and cool the whole day.

Designer Showcase with Kevin Craine:
Kevin is local to the New Hampshire Seacoast and founded the Seacoast Game Design Meetup hosted at Diversions. Through this he began work on Baba Geek Games and Robit Riddle, an award-winning storytelling game about robots searching for their missing pets. Inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure style books, Robit Riddle features amazing artwork from John Ariosa of Mice and Mystics, Evolution, Summoner Wars and more. Encouraging interaction, cooperation, creativity, and – most importantly – fun, Robit Riddle makes for an engaging narrative adventure game not to miss. Kevin will be at Diversions from 12:00pm to 6:00pm to showcase his game. Look for the game on Kickstarter this October!

Play-to-Win Raffle:
Play The Game: Are you ready to play? between 12:00pm and 8:00pm for a chance to win a copy of the game! All players earn one raffle ticket after playing and one winner will be announced at 8:30pm. The winner does not need to be present to win. The Game is a 2015 Spiel des Jahres nominee where players have to play all the cards into four piles and fill the piles counting up from 1 to 100 or down from 100 to 1 using all the cards in the deck. If a player cannot make a play, the game is over! How well can you coordinate your moves with the other players? Are you ready to play?!

Have a snack of coffee and brioche from La Maison Navarre and pizza from Joe’s New York Pizza throughout the day.

Customer Used Game Sale:
Our used game sale is the perfect opportunity to make room on your shelves for new games! Bring your games to Diversions and we’ll sell them for you. All sales will be transferred into store credit to the seller! Please read the following conditions to participate:
•Please bring your games to Diversions no later than September 1 and complete the required form. All games must be in new, “like new,” or very good condition with no missing components. All used games will be sold as is and cannot be returned for any reason.
•You may set your own price for each game but all used game sales must be facilitated by Diversions and the payout will be provided to sellers in store credit only. Used games may not be sold directly for cash during this event.
•Any used games not sold during this event must be taken back by the seller on Diversions Game Day. Sellers may leave their used games with Diversions to consider for trade-in, but the timeframe to review may be extended due to increased volume. Please anticipate a 2- to 3-week turnaround.
•Store credit will be applied in the form of a gift card to Diversions and will be available for pick up beginning Monday, September 5.

Please e-mail portsmouth(at)diversionsgames(dot)com with any questions!