Our Events Calendar is always packed, and with a new year comes new events! Here are some of the special events from our Portsmouth NH Game Store to our Portland Maine Game store we have going on soon:

Learn to Play: Ticket to Ride Japan
Where: Portsmouth
When: Saturday, February 1 @ 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Zoom across Japan in a bullet train admiring Mount Fuji through the mist or take the Tokyo subway to your final destination. On this map, you face a dilemma between investing in the Bullet Train network, routes that can be used by all players to complete Destination Tickets, or focusing on your individual tracks.

Come to the store on Sat, February 1 and we will teach and play the newest expansion with anyone who is interested. The expansion will also be available to purchase and anyone who plays in the event will receive 20% off their purchase of the map!

Pokemon: Sword and  Shield Pre-Release 
Where: South Portland
When: Saturday, February 1 @ 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Come play the newest Pokemon set before it releases! We’ll play a tournament with the new packs. The entry fee is $20 and includes your pre-release kit as well as prizes. Space is limited – please pre-register in store or by phone with your payment as soon as possible.

Blood on the Clocktower Demo 
Where: South Portland
When: Saturday, February 22 @ 3:00pm to 8:00pm

This still unreleased game is getting a huge following around the world through conventions, and local friend of the store, Crystal, has been going around to local areas using her own print and play version! Join players from all over at our Portland Maine Game store in this mafia like game of bluffing and deduction.

We highly recommend this game for any fans of Werewolf or Mafia. Whether you’re new to these styles of games or experienced, we hope you stop by and try it out.