It’s a busy time of year – we’re all running around, fighting traffic, waiting in lines, and checking our lists twice.  Why not make some time to unplug, laugh, and de-stress with a family game night? Here are some of our favorite family party games from our puzzle store in NH.

Dixit: Every picture tells a story – but what story will your picture tell? In this award-winning board game, players will use the beautiful imagery on their cards to bluff their opponents and guess which image matches the story.

Anomia: Have you ever thought about the fact that our minds are positively brimming with all sorts of random information? Brands, pop songs, sports teams, etc… Normally, it’s easy to give an example of a frozen food or a dog breed; but you’ll find that your brain works a little differently under pressure!

Suspend: This award-winning ‘teetering, wobbling, shifting, tipping, unbalanced, balance game’ is a must-have for family game night! Suspend has been the #1-selling game at our Portsmouth location for over 5 years in a row – come in and see why!

Bellz: Perfect to get the whole family together, this engaging magnetic strategy game is just the thing to add fun and competition to your next game night!

Some other Diversions-recommended and customer-favorite titles from our puzzle store in NH include Telestrations, Sushi Go, Qwirkle, Codenames, and Bananagrams.