Welcome to the Magic the Gathering: Shadows over Innistrad Pre-release!

Click here to sign up at Eventbrite to guarantee your spot!

PLEASE ARRIVE TO THE EVENT PRIOR TO 11:45AM. This event will fire promptly at 12:00PM.

Prereleases are Sealed Deck format events, where you build a minimum 40-card deck using the contents of a themed Prerelease Pack (6 Shadows over Innistrad boosters and a Premium date-stamped promo card) plus basic lands that are provided to you by the store.

After your deck is built, you’ll be randomly paired with another player for a best two-of-three match. Each round you’ll report who won and be paired up with a new player. If you do well, you might win additional Shadows over Innistrad booster packs as prizes!

By signing up for the event through Eventbrite you are reserving a seat for the tournament and are allowed to purchase your pack for the event before day-of walk-ins. Pre-release packs cost $25.99. Each person may only purchase one pre-release pack on the day of the event. Anyone who is signed up but does not arrive prior to 11:45AM forfeits their packs and the store will begin selling packs to walk-ins.

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