We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas below, but there are lots more to choose from. Stop in today to stock up on brainteasers, mini puzzles, playing cards and more – we’ll help you check off everyone on your stocking stuffer list!
Plus Plus Tubes
Great for kids, these little tubes are filled with building pieces to create things like unicorns, mermaids, knights, robots, and all kinds of animals! At under $7, they are a great stocking add-on!

Construction Toys
For those that love building, Nanoblocks and Metal Earth are a great gifts right around $10. Nanoblocks use tiny interlocking blocks to build animals, musical instruments, famous landmarks, and even Pokemon! Metal Earth uses sheets of metal to create mini models – everything from world monuments to tractors to pop culture icons like the Millennium Falcon.

Wooden Puzzles
These Creative Crafthouse wooden puzzles have been a staple at Diversions for years, with good reason. Made in the USA, these are sure to stump even the smartest person on your shopping list!

We have a slew of brainteasers to choose from – mechanical puzzles, fidget toys, assembly puzzles, metal or wood, kids or adults. Love cats? Dogs?  We have anything you could need for all ages. (Below: Cat Stax from Brainwright)

Card Games
You could go classic: Uno, Pit, Scopa, Skip-Bo. You could choose modern: UNOcorns, L.L.A.M.A., Fluxx, Love Letter. Maybe strategy: Oh My Goods, Saboteur, or Piepmatz. No matter what you choose, most card games are under $15 and small enough to fit in any stocking.