We LIVE for big game days at Diversions. When you get together a room full of people who share your love of gaming, the energy is wonderful! In South Portland, we’re hosting our 2nd Annual Summer Game Day on Saturday, July 14 and the details look AMAZING. We’re fundraising for Chits & Bits again, as they continue to raise money for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. They have tons of great prizes they are raffling off, so buy a few raffle tickets for a good cause. We also have a Splendor tournament, an ICE CREAM bar, snacks, and my favorite: a used game sale!

This is the first time we’re offering the Used Game Sale in South Portland. Our Portsmouth store has been offering this 2-3 times per year for a few years now, and we’re excited to bring it to Maine. If you are like me, you have a shelf of games you don’t play, and a list a mile long of games you want. This is the perfect chance to correct that problem! Bring in complete games that you don’t want, set a price, and anything that sells will be given back to you in store credit. Say you sell that overplayed copy of Catan for $20 – we’ll give you $20 in store credit to Diversions, so you can pick up something new!

Last year we used every single table we have in the whole store to play strategy games, Star Wars: Destiny, playtest for local designers, and raise money for Chits & Bits. We have more tables this year, so let’s try to fill them up again! Details can be found at our event listing here. See you on Game Day!